We pride ourselves on putting strategy first and implementation second. With any media campaign, let’s first make sure that we clearly define the audience, and find ways to quickly reach that audience. In the fast-paced, twenty-four hour news cycle, just a press release alone is a great way for your brand to get left behind.

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At Pinnacle, we work every day to get your brand’s message heard.

Public Relations Strategy

Have your own in-house PR team? Or, want to develop the strategy now, and build for a media blitz later? At Pinnacle, we work with PR teams, executives, founders, and shareholders to make sure the strategy and messaging behind the campaign is set up for success.

Media Placement

Ready to get your brand heard? From distribution of a press release or announcement, article placement, interviews, and more, Pinnacle helps your brand get its message out to the public. We help brands in tech, finance, healthcare, startups, and more get their message in the media. This can include messaging on a product launch or announcement, growth of the company, crisis management, or distinguishing your brand from your competitors.

Premium Brand Awareness

Looking to go all in on a bold media blitz? From local, regional, or national media campaigns, Pinnacle is ready to get your message out to the largest audience possible. This strategy uses the combined power of a strong public relations strategy with the best in press release distribution, news and editorial content placement, SEO, and social media channels.

Reputation Defense and Management

PR nightmares will happen. It is only a matter of when. From disgruntled employees, competitors, or even blunders from your own team, the amount of PR missteps each year are staggering. Do not wait – the first step (after seeking legal counsel if needed) is to call us, as every minute is critical. The news cycle and social media moves too quickly to wait – start fighting back now!

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