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We pride ourselves on putting strategy first and implementation second. With any media campaign, let’s first make sure that we clearly define the audience, and find ways to quickly reach that audience. In the fast-paced, twenty-four hour news cycle, just a press release alone is a great way for your brand to get left behind.

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Need to Get Started Immediately?

‘Just Getting Started’ Package:

Are you launching a business or organization? If so, maybe you need to announce:

  • A grand opening or website launch
  • A new product or service announcement
  • A new fundraising or crowdfunding campaign

You don’t need a PR package that costs thousands. But you do need to be heard and be found. We got you. Package starts at $499, and gets you heard quickly. Use code ‘Just Getting Started’ in the message box.

‘Builder’ Package:

You have a brand, business, or organization. Perhaps you launched years ago, or within the last year but now hiring. You need to be heard to awareness, sales, and/or growth. To do this, you need:

  • To drive new traffic to your website
  • Raise awareness about your services to boost sales
  • Announce new hires or expansion into new markets

Package starts at $699, and gets your brand heard to accomplish your goals. Use code ‘Just Getting ‘Builder’ in the message box.

Premium Brand Awareness

Looking to go all in on a bold media blitz? From local, regional, or national media campaigns, Pinnacle is ready to get your message out to the largest audience possible. This strategy uses the combined power of a strong public relations strategy with the best in press release distribution, news and editorial content placement, SEO, and social media channels. For this, let’s schedule a call to learn more about your needs, and develop a sound strategy.

This is not everything! If you are looking for more options or solutions, please contact us directly.

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