At Pinnacle, we work every day to get your brand’s message heard.

We pride ourselves on putting strategy first and implementation second. With any media campaign, let’s first make sure that we clearly define the audience, and find ways to quickly reach that audience. In the fast-paced, twenty-four hour news cycle, just a press release alone is a great way for your brand to get left behind.

Our Mission

Our mission to to help entrepreneurs, startups, and growing businesses alike to get their message out to the public. From entrepreneurs with the initial idea, the brand looking to start getting noticed, to the large business facing new competition, Pinnacle helps them all with PR strategy and solid deliverables.

Our Work

Pinnacle helps brands get their message heard. Our work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance, TechTimes, USA Today, Franchise 500, and more. From local media to a national campaign, we help brands determine the best public relations strategy, and implement that strategy to get their message out to the public.

Our Services

Today, just “doing a press release” is a great way to go unnoticed, or worse yet, get noticed by the wrong people for saying the wrong thing. Now more than ever, relevance is the key to a smart Public Relations Strategy. Pinnacle gives your brand a comprehensive plan for getting your stories in front of the right people with the right message at the right time through:

  • Development of a media plan
  • Copywriting, including but not limited to: press releases, articles, editorials, interviews, speeches, founder profiles, and blog articles
  • Consultation through media interviews and press talking points
  • Media outreach (local, state/regional, and/or national, depending on need and project) 
  • Consultation for product placement in media 
  • Training for corporate spokesperson and in-house media teams

Why Does My Brand Need PR?

Almost every brand has a message that the public needs to hear. From a startup or small business looking to gain market share, to a Fortune 500 looking to expand globally, each brand has a unique story to tell. As each business fills a different need in the market, Pinnacle offers the most germane public relations strategy and execution for your brand. Why does this matter? In addition to brand awareness, effective PR adds to your sales funnel, SEO campaign, social media content, and so much more. At Pinnacle, every public relations campaign includes deliverables to achieve more than just a published press release, but an all-of-the-above approach for your brand.

Are You a Marketing Agency Looking for PR for Your Clients?

Your marketing firm or agency offers a lot of services and deliverables for your clients, but PR isn’t one of them. Pinnacle can help. From the writing to the interview, Pinnacle can assist with as many steps as needed. Need us to be white-labeled? Not a problem! Need us to be client-facing and get them ready for the media? We can handle that as well. Learn more about our services for marketing agencies.

Want to Learn More?

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