Get Your Brand Heard.

We are a public relations and brand strategy agency with experience in helping entrepreneurs and businesses develop a public message, effectively present that message in writing, and find winning strategies to get that message heard.

Why Does My Brand Need PR?

Almost every brand has a message that the public needs to hear. From a startup or small business looking to gain market share, to a Fortune 500 looking to expand globally, each brand has a unique story to tell. As each business fills a different need in the market, Pinnacle offers the most relevant public relations strategy and execution for your brand.

Why does this matter? In addition to brand awareness, effective PR adds to your sales funnel, SEO campaign, social media content, and so much more. At Pinnacle, public relations campaigns include deliverables to achieve more than just a published press release, but an all-of-the-above approach for your brand.

How We Help


Have your own in-house PR team? Or, want to develop the strategy now, and build for a media blitz later? Pinnacle can help! First, let’s have a quick discovery call, and determine what strategy planning looks like. Then, we develop a strategy and move forward.

Strategy & Campaign

Let’s go all in! First, let’s have a discovery meeting, then map out a winning strategy. From there, we determine which media levers to pull, and start working on a media campaign to get your brand heard.

Our Recent Wins for Clients:

Southern Sky Brands featured in the Mississippi Business Journal

Cadi Kiosk featured in the Boston Herald

SCS featured in International Business Times

Cadi Kiosk Founder/CEO Tyler Gottstein featured in TechTimes

Pinnacle Founder Adam Horlock in Entrepreneur

Cadi Kiosk featured in Yahoo! Finance

Cadi Kiosk featured in ITechPost

MCPA Featured on WMC-TV Memphis

MCPA Founder Angie Calhoun featured on WAPT-TV Jackson

MS Physical Therapy featured in Darkhorse Press

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